Rudolf Steiner Foundation

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Rudolf Steiner Foundation Timisoara is a non-profit organization formed by parents and teachers of Waldorf Timisoara School, with the purpose of supporting and assisting the activity of this school. Our Foundation is a member of Waldorf Federation in Romania.

A particularity of our Waldorf School, compared to other traditional state schools, besides the pedagogy, is represented by the fact that all activities of our school is carried out in buildings owned by our Foundation. In addition to supporting the activity of our school, our Foundation is also responsible for the maintenance or extension of the buildings, in which our children learn. In order to be able to carry out these activities, our Foundation accepts donations or other forms of support from all those who want to help the growth and development of the Waldorf School in Timisoara.

Address: str. Salcâmilor no. 30, Timisoara
CF: 3979150
Accounts at Banca Transilvania
IBAN: RO38BTRLRONCRT0315923802 (account for donations towards the founding of the new school building).

Board of Directors:
Iosif Iuhasz – President, Laura Baldini, Alina Baciu,  Teodor Ciomocoș, Florina Crețu, Dan Huszti, Lucian Mioc, Cristina Gazibara, Mihaela Har, Teodora Ile, Călin Chifor

Reports: 2018-2019 RAPORT vs. 2019-2020 PLAN al FRST împreună cu LWT

Sponsors:  Swiss Solutions, Newdesk srl, Wisebiz IT, Profi Rom Food, Magnet Center srl, Cab medical de Endocrinologie, SAR Ramura Timisoara, Demoki srl, Logitrade SRL Baldini Laura, Sprint Trade, AVA Home Building, Banca Transilvania, Miracolo Verde, PFI Oprean Cristina, Clubul Rotary Timisoara, CENTRUMAG LAURA SRL, Freunde, Bearing Point, Astir SRL, CAA Design, Primaria Municipiului Timisoara, Neuromed